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Merci a tous. Des moments precieux pour Louis-David et moi serons graver dans notre memoire a jamais .Un endroit merveilleux avec des gens formidables . merci!
Prescott Nathalie - 10/31/2014

This is a beautiful home with amazing people.
Alexandra Houle - 7/6/2014

I am more then happy to say I have been involved with rogers house because of my daughter for over 2 years. I couldnt imagine that there could actually be a place as amazing as this. That offers warm and welcoming services and the staff at rogers house are simply amazing. So happy that my daughter gets to be involved with these wonderful people.
Katelyn Fleming - 6/12/2014

This is an amazing place with very kind people. I can't wait to start volunteering.
Alexandra Houle - 4/16/2014

Thank you so much for being a great support for my cousins!
Jennifer Martuo - 3/31/2014

An amazing legacy for a wonderful cause. What a wonderful place for families to find comfort and loving care for their precious children. We are in awe of all you do.
Maryann Barattia - 3/27/2014

It's been just over 2 yr mark that I lost my baby girl Jenna. It's been a rough two years and today I bring myself here and want to leave some words. To Roger's House, WOW!!! You made the last few weeks of Jenna's life a very comforting one. We are blessed to have people like yourselves who are very loving, compassionate and who TRULY care not only for the patient but for the family members. You will never be forgotten!!! I miss all the staff and those I became close to. Please whoever reads this pass on my hello to all. With sincere appreciation, Darlene (Jenna's mom) xo
Darlene Fadden - 12/8/2011

Thanks to everyone who helps to take such excellent care of my Grandson while he is there giving his Mom and Dad a break. I was able to spend a few hours at Roger's House last winter with my Grandson and found it to be an amazing place for all the children who need that special care. They are all loved and it shows.
Sally Walker - 11/21/2011

I love what Roger Neilson has done for the kis and how fortunate we are to have such organizations and i'm from Frank Ryan School and I thank all the volunteers Thank You!
Cletus Resh - 11/2/2011

On this, the 2nd anniversary of the passing of my beautifully niece Jenna, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you at Rogers House – for caring and helping my niece during that last year of her life. Having a place like Rogers House was such as blessing for Jenna and her family, especially those last few days. It allowed her family and friends time to say goodbye in a private, caring, compassionate and home-like atmosphere. The rooms were large and quite comfortable and all of you, the staff, were amazing. We in Ottawa are so lucky to have such a special place like Rogers House. Thanks again. Jenna’s Auntie Karen.
Karen Martin - 9/16/2011

You have done a wonderful job...thank you for this excellent site...keep up the good work...
cedric rice - 6/24/2011

Rogers house is an amazing place full of incredibly amazing people. Thank you for ur kindness in showing us ur home. I think about you and all that you do and pray for u always!
Debra Jackson - 5/20/2011

beautiful facility for children to live out their final days.
louise blondin - 3/18/2011

You are making a difference in a little girls life. Isla Cambell and her family have a tough road. Their friends would like them to know that they are loved.
Mark Weber - 3/17/2011

Morgan we miss you every day and are so fortunate to have had you in our lives. Love you forever. Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Tim, Sydney, Taylor and Byron
Cheryl, Tim, Sydney, Taylor and Byron McNeely - 3/15/2011

Rest in Peace Justin Ernst even if you were not close to him he will always be in our hearts and prayers You will not be forgotten Justin
Anonymous - 12/14/2010

Remembering Misha’s Life on the Anniversary of His Death! It's been 12 months to the day since God called Misha home. We guess, in our mind’s eyes, avoidance, made the reality less real. But, it’s true, you're gone, and as we listen to Michael Jackson music, in the background, your presence is - Ooh, so strong!!! He is so much of you, and us! A Culmination, of Strength, Wit, Tenacity, Perseverance, Intellect and Determination, your independence is prevalent, and your Spirit, is recognized. God knows Misha, we wish we could hear your voice, tossing around ideas, and debating social commentary. We wish we could hear your jokes, about the unkindness of your big "C" Misha, we could only wish! This past year, there have been so many revelations and much realization, about LIFE, DEATH, FAMILY, SPIRITUALITY and relationships, while our existence and time forges ahead, merely affording us the opportunity to grasp, whatever precious memories we can hold on to! We loved you so much and so many were affected and influenced by both your life and your death! You were and are one of those "Special Souls" that we can't let go! Thank you for touching so many, Misha! Thank you for your Life, and your Spirit, and thank You for your Mommy and sister Meena; they have made the tragedy of losing you, a lot easier to bear. Know that you will forever be loved and forever missed, Amazing Misha! Love, Mimi and Grand-papa ‘B’ xoxox
Nicole & Normand Bradley - 9/18/2010

I would like to thank the staff at Roger's House for their compassion, quality of care, and dignity that was given to my son and ourselves during our time at Rogers's House. My son passed away peacefully, and comfortably on August 15,2010.
Warren Munn & Rhonda Scharf - 8/23/2010

Thank you so much Roger’s House, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, and Volunteers for the loving care given to my Grand Nephew Dillon Keefe, for the support and kindness shown to his Mum Debbie Ouellette, and twin brother Trevor Keefe. You are all truly remarkable caring people. Dillon has gone to a better place in Heaven. He is wheel chair and pain free, thank you so much and God bless you one and all.
Bonnie Scharf - 8/5/2010

Words cannot express how we feel about Rogers House and all those who are associated with it. The volunteers, doctors, staff and especially the nurses who made us feel as though we were "home" even when there was so much going on with Kensay. The compassion that you showed us from the very beginning to the very end, will not be forgotten. Thank you for answering our many phone calls with such care. Kensay was a very special boy and he will be forever missed and loved. God bless.
Chantelle & Robert Waite - 7/7/2010

Continue the wonderful work you do. It is very much appreciated!
Sylvie Lanthier - 7/6/2010

I would just like to thank Roger's House for all the help and support they have given my family, the care my son Dillon Keefe gets is awesome, the staff, and volunteers are like our huge extended family, and we will always be grateful for every thing they have done for us. Thank you.
Debbie Ouellete - Jones - 6/19/2010

Thank you. I am a new Suportive care CM at CCAC. I look forward to your seminars and learing from CPC
Nancy Webb - 5/16/2010

Thank you so much Roger's House. I think that this is a wonderful organization and I love what you do to help the children and to make them feel more at home. Every time I think of Rodger's House, that night I will wish apon a shining star. :) Kindest regards, Peyton Braley
Peyton Braley - 3/30/2010

hey great work guys, jon in halifax
jonathan - 3/16/2010

Good job guys!! :)
Marjorie and Daniel Laurie - 12/8/2009

Hi! Every! Just stopping by to say keep up the great work and keep your faith and hopes high, take care... I'm keeping all of you close to my heart and definitly in my thoughts :)
Stephanie Lalonde-Haddad - 11/25/2009

I miss you Misha. You were my hero, and you will remain my hero forever. Rest in peace. I`ll especially miss your smile forever. And I`d like to say, I hope Jenna's family is okay. I miss you Darlene !!
Meena - 11/10/2009

At just 2 months old our baby boy Ryerson Neave-Bacon was sent from Kingston to Ottawa CHEO after a long 4 weeks of being sick in the Hospital .. When we got to Ottawa with Ryerson We were told that our baby boy was to sick to get better and that we were not taking him home.. after promising his 4 year old brother and his 19 month old sister that his mommy was going to get him better and bring him home we were told different.. at this time the wonderful staff at both CHEO Hospital and and the Rodgers houes come to Me and Ryersons Dad and told us that we could take our baby boy over to the Rodgers house and bring his Brother Sister and Family to come say there Good-Byes to him and tell him that they loved him so very much... I would like to Express out Thanks to the wonderful staff and Doctors at the Rodgers House for being so Helpfull and loving to Us and our Family at such a difficult time. The Rodgers house gave us that extra time that we needed with our baby boy before we let him go and be our ANGEL with Golden Wings. The Rodger's house sure is a Home Away From Home... Thank-you once again for everything you did for our Family Ryerson is so missed By his Mommy Daddy Brother Sister and whole Family we love our MR.BUM
Rebecca Neave - 10/27/2009

Please give our love to Barbara and Heather Mankala from every child and adult at Onslow Elementary School. :-)
Janie Weatherall - 9/22/2009

Josée our sympathy and love go out to you and your family. Misha was one of the loveliest person we have ever know. No one who knew him could ever forget his charm, kindness, smile and warmth. When there is love, any life is to short. Misha had a way of making the joys of life contagious. A problem was turned into a pleasant and companionable experience. We are grateful for the time we had with Misha, and we feel fortunate to have know him. THANK YOU! Love Alysha and Family Aubin (Gros bisous xoxo)
Alysha & Nicole - 9/21/2009

Sympathy and love to Angelo for his loss of his son Mischa. He needed you to be strong for him and you were. That's what a father does best. Mischa will live on in our minds and spirits for ever. Love Louise Roussel
Louise Roussel - 9/21/2009

Angelo and Family, Our thoughts are prayers are with you, Hebert Leal.
Julie - 9/21/2009

Angelo Our thoughts are with you and your family. Beament Green
Sam - 9/21/2009

Rest in Peace Jenna Lang. May your memory live forever.
RobinLinney - 9/19/2009

Misha -- you make me smile, laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside. I wanted to dedicate this song to you and to put it here for other people to listen to because it reminds me of you and leaves me feeling at peace and I wanted to share that feeling with your friends and family. (copy the link into your brouser and enjoy)! All my love to you.
Melanie - 9/18/2009

Misha - The laughter in your eyes and a radiant smile; your photo shows the warmth of your personality. Angelo, our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and friends during this difficult time.
your team, iFathom Mischief - 9/16/2009

It was an absolute pleasure to dance with Cam at Driven. She had the most free spirit. I remember First seeing her freestyle at our first practice and telling her she was amazing.and i remember the drive to and from MTL , jamming to Justin TImberlake and making up choreo. And cant forget us watching everyone go kart and betting to see who would crash first. She wont ever be forgotten. ily cam :)
Almeera Jaffer - 2/28/2009

Thxs Cheo for not only doing everything possible for Camille Boulay and her family but for every kid that are in your hands...I truly believe your staff works hard and does anything possible.. R.I.P I'm sure she made your staff laugh
Josee Renaud - 2/26/2009

May you have a good rest Cam, you are in all of our thoughts and prayers xoxo
Stephanie Harding - 2/26/2009

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave Camille and my family. It warms my heart to know they were all so wonderfully treated by your facility and allowed her to go in peace.
Jodi - 2/24/2009

Cam, you will be in our hearts forever.
Dominique Swabey - 2/23/2009

I think about my best friend camille boulay every single day. Sometimes i wish i could do more to help because everytime i needed her help in the past, she'd be there to help me. But I guess all i can do is stay by her side and keep praying. Thank you rogers house for being there for her and all the other sick childreen. P.S. i miss you Hannah Billings. You're in my thoughts still and forever will be. xox steph.
stephanie gervais - 2/19/2009

I and my co-workers at xwave are thinking of young Evan Simms and his family constantly every day. Have courage amd may God grant you strength at this difficult time.
Sean Culligan - 2/10/2009

I cannot express in words, my gratitude to the devoted volunteers, staff and management at Rogers House and of course but sometimes forgotten, the builders and tradesmen who offered their time (for free), to build such a beautifully wonderful and yet painfully needed structure. To the many families that pass through Roger's House for respite, to the little angles that depart from it, it is comforting to know that someone is there, when you are feeling so struck down and what you thought was the end of what your body, mind and spirit can take, there is someone willing to help you regain your footing. We never could have done it without you. Thank you all, so much for your tremendous support and dedication. It has been 2 years now, today. Forever in my heart, love you Graysen, my little munchkin
Miguel Lamothe - 12/22/2008

i am wishing my friends that are there right now the best luck and lots of love throught his trumatic avent . Whatever is to happen after this is for a purpose but yet somehow it dont seem fair does it ... i hope things turn for the best and that every one at rodgers house takes good care of them and lots of support xxoo god bless
sarah - 12/9/2008

My friend's son's best friend is there right now. He is receiving end of life care. Please take good care of him. :)
Nicole M - 10/19/2008

Our family were at Rogers House several times. We chose for our daughter Hannah to pass away at home,and Rogers house was a stepping stone from Cheo to home. Thankyou for making that possible for us.
Alison Billings - 4/13/2008

Our beautiful grandson, Nathaniel Chayer Millen, passed away from cancer in November at the age of 9 months. We want to express our thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers at Roger’s house for the compassionate care received during this very difficult time for us. We cannot say enough as to how important Roger’s House is to families in crisis. Our heartfelt thanks. Maureen & Jacques Chayer
Maureen & Jacques Chayer - 2/25/2008

I just have to say that what all of you have done for the people in need is truly inspiring and comforting. It is good to know that even though there is so much chaos in the world, the Roger's House is a place where you are taken care of. All of you should be very proud at what you do. Being from Toronto, I see quite a few hospitals and other services that are provided to others in their time of need. But nothing quite like the Roger's House. It's design is so unique and breathtaking and dedicating it to Roger himself was nothing more than a far fetched dream that all of you have made a reality. All of you should be proud, I know I am... Go Sens Go
Pierre Pulice - 3/30/2007

I would like to thank everyone at the Rogers House for taking excellent care of our son Colton Major during his difficult time and the end of life care that everyone at the Rogers House gave him. We will always remember everything that you did for him and our family. I don't think we would have been able to do it without your constant love and support. We are very grateful that we met everyone at the Rogers House and very grateful for everything that they did for Colton. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Angel Lewis - 3/28/2007

Cody and I would like to express our deepest love and empathy for Roger Neilson and his family. Although he did not know us pesonally, when Cody's dad, Steve had cancer, Roger was his hero! If Roger was tough enough to stand the treatment---so was my husband. When he passed away ,my husband cried. It was as if a piece of him left this earth too. Steve passed away on Febrary 20th 2006 and no doubt he looked out for Roger on Heaven's rink! Cody is very proud to be able to donate some funds after winning an award for helping others. Roger's House is the epitomy of what being cared for is all about, caring, love, hope and courage. Thank you Roger for this legacy.
Cody and Jan Clark - 3/17/2007

I would like to thank the Rogers House and it`s nurses for taking the best care of my friend, Eric. He had the best care possible and was able to live his last few days in peace with his family. Also for the wonderfull suppport to his family and his celebration of life.
Catherine - 3/9/2007

Our daughter is physically and mentally delayed. She has a tracheostomy and is attached to a ventilator for most of the day. She has a feeding tube and receives a special formula. She has never eaten anything by mouth. Despite all this, she is a very happy and social 10-year-old. She goes to school every day, where she rides a modified tricycle and loves to use the touch-screen computer. Living by the clock is one of our realities, as is not being able to go out together unless we have a nurse. Spontaneity is not part of our lives. Planning a holiday is a huge undertaking! Respite gives us a chance to live a ‘normal’ life for a while. We have our house to ourselves, we get to sleep in, spend a little more quality time with our boys, and leave the house without the pressure of being home at exactly 5pm to relieve the nurse. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity for us to recharge our batteries, so that we are better to care for our daughter when she returns home.
One family's experience with Respite Services - 3/7/2007


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