Messages From Volunteers

"What I appreciate the most about my volunteer time at Roger's House is being able to work with the kids and families who need us most. Being able to put smiles on the faces of little ones is the most self-rewarding experience anyone would be privileged to experience."

"(It is a) privilege to be a part of precious moment… Volunteering at Roger's House frequently feels more like a gift of an opportunity than a giving of oneself."

"I like the fact that employees and volunteers are treated as equals, and you are part of the team."

"I appreciate how good (volunteering) makes me feel and how much the children at Roger's House brighten my day."

"Although I work at home, I feel my volunteer work is much appreciated."

"I appreciate being able to provide company, comfort or helpfulness to the guest or the parent(s) of one of our guests."

Roger's House benefits from more than 300 engaged volunteers.

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